12 Facts about Marvin Chow


1. This is where Marvin works*

2. He makes things for people

3. He dreams....sometimes, WAY TOO MUCH!

4. He is always hungry so there is a microwave in the studio

5. He has a 6 year old goldfish that has cataracts

6. He likes money, that's why he's an artist

7. He plans 3 months in advance, but it always 1 month behind

7. He seems to do things the hardest way possible

8. He knows the secret to taking down Robocop

9. He secretly wants to be a comedian, but doesn't know he's not funny.

10. He is currently trying to put on 15 pounds of solid muscle.

11. He is hardly working most of the time.

12. One side of his face is substantially lower than the other.


*sometimes he works at home too



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